2023 Directing Reel
65 Promo Feat. Anthony Edwards
Jimmy Kimmel Live!: Ms. Monopoly
Handjob Cabin
Hospital Soap: John Stamos
Google Play Feat. Drew Brees
The Lineup: David Schwimmer
Coin Master: John Stamos
The Moist Bandit *Link Available Upon Request*
Major League Baseball: Q & A
All That TV Promos
Drama Club (Nickelodeon)
This Isn't Working (Short Film)
Pokemon Go: Try Guys
Coin Master: Nene Leakes
Secret Life Of Pets 2: Promos
Coin Master: Nene Leakes
Coin Master: Ed O'Neill
Coin Master: David Schwimmer
Benzac: The Merrell Twins
Target Takes On: Series Trailer
Total Badass Wrestling (Snapchat)
Betch: Baby Talk
First Kiss: Deleted Scenes
Lawyer Cop M.D.
"Revengers" - Betch!
The Social Network 2
Harvard Sailing Team's: Office Secret Santa